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Hose Brade Fitting

Vatsalya Metal Industries manufacturers a vast range of brass hose barb pipe thread. Push-on hose barb tapred male pipe thread, barbed tee, male hose barb to SAE 45* flare, push-on hose barb, brass hose mander, swivel hose, brass hose barb female pipe thread, hose barb "Y" joint are available in heavy and light duty to suit various rubber PVC flexible hoses.

Types of Hose Barb Pipe Thread :

Types of Brass 45° Flare Tube Fittings :
Push-on Hose Barb Tapred Male Pipe Thread Brass Hose Barb Female Pipe Thread
Push-on Hose Barb, Male Pipe Swivel Brass Hose Barb, Male Pipe (beaded end)
Push-on Hose Barb, Tapered Male Pipe Thread (Swivel Type) Male Hose Barb To Sae 45° Flare
Push-on Hose Barb Tapred Female Pipe Thread (Swivel Type) Female Swivel Hose barb 45°/37°
Barbed Tee Swivel Joint
Brass Hose Mander Hose Barb "Y" Joint
90° Hose Barb Taper Male Pipe Thread


Any special brass material compositions as per customer’s requirement.


Working pressure up to 2000 psi with a 4:1 safety factor depending on tube size

Vibration Resistance:


Working Pressure:

150 PSI Maximum based on hose/tubing size ALWAYS consult hose/tubing specifications


ALWAYS consult hose and/or tubing specifications for media compatibility, pressure and temperature ratings


Air, water and other low pressure fluids conveyed via low pressure hose or thermoplastic tubing

Temperature Range: Benefit:
-40 to +160°F No equipment investment required.
-40 to +71°C Reduces the number of SKU's required to cover needs.
Feature: Advantage:
Field attachable hose ends. No assembly equipment required.
Attach with clamps or ferrules. Applicable in wider range of applications.