Brass Pipe Nipples & Fittings

Vatsalya Metal is leading producer and exporters for most complex brass pipe nipples or nipple fittings. We have turnkey solutions to fabricate tough brass products based on industry needs or demands. We strictly follow international manufacturing standards and able to deliver custom solutions too as needed by clients.

Our brass pipe nipples can be availed in various sizes or specifications. They are manufactured in different quality grades to fit into your budget. This is true that pipe nipples or fittings can be prepared or manufactured by utilizing variety of materials like nickel, aluminum, copper, brass etc. But brass is always taken as primary choice for pipe nipple fittings because it doesn’t get affected by tough environmental conditions like chemicals, acids, minerals etc. Moreover, brass is highly affordable in nature and it can be used almost every client for residential or commercial applications.

Once product is ready, it is polished well before making any final delivery to customers. The surface finishing has to be performed with great care and it should be done under supervision of expert team only. Each industry may have different product specifications or finishing standards. This is necessary to follow the same standards to make them more desirable and appreciated by clients.

Making And Packaging Of Brass Nipple Fittings

We at Vatsalya Metal Industries follow well defined manufacturing process where products are tested and inspected at different stages to make it suitable for final delivery without any flaws. Once product is manufactured as per deigned standards, you have to focus on packaging quality now.

When products are exported overseas, brass components are packed in wooden cases. On special request, custom packaging solutions can also be availed by paying little extra to manufacturing experts. Also our products are ISO certified that make our brass nipple fittings more reliable for target industries.

Basic Use Of Grease Nipple

  • Brass nipples are used to protect lubrication point against humidity or moisture and dust. There is no sealing against internal pressure.
  • Such nipples are important for repairs and maintenance.
  • It is also used as standardized connection to the grease gun.

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Types of Brass Nipple Fittings :

45° Bent 90° Bent
Straight Pin Type Button Head Type

Where These Fittings Are Used?

Brass pipe nipples are used in bearings, vehicles, cardan shafts, linear guides, hydraulic cylinders, drive shafts, chains, drives, axels, and more.

How To Use Them?

As grease nipples are only driven in, they may get loose when there is-

  • Hard Abrasion
  • High back-pressure when greasing with auto guns
  • Pulling off the hydraulic coupler


Any special brass material compositions as per customer’s requirment.


ISO metric, MM, PG, BSW, BSP, BSB, BSF, BA, NPT, NPTF, UNC, UNF, UNEF etc. Any threads as per customer's design.

Finish & Coating :

Avail brass nipples in distinct finishes and coating from Vatsalya experts- brass natural, electro tinned, chrome, tinned, silver, led, zinc blue, gold, etc.